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About Broart

THE BROART Ceramic Art was established by Fatih Şimşek & Mehmet Çibuk,

in the old streets of Alsancak which is the coolest neighbor of IZMIR. Today you’ll find the bustling studio and the gallery in the same place you already know.

Masters Of Clay

See the process through which we bring to life a magical, dreamlike world in clay and fire.


Ceramics once referred purely to pottery and to articles made by firing materials extracted from Earth.

The Broart has launched its productions with the idea of “elements of life” in İZMİR and focuses on producing practical products for people’s everyday life and producing artistery pieces for individuals.
The mission of the studio is to promote the formal, aesthetic and technological development of ceramics and to help foster creative skills. The studio is open to the challenges of all ceramic art, research, design and experimentation.

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The Broart studio o ers ceramics to all, from the beginner to the professional, from dabbler to collector. A friendly and exible creative space with lots to o er everyone interested in ceramics and pottery. Our studio boasts a fantastic professional set up, comfortably accommodating classes, professional
makers and a special gallery of art work.
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The Broart, Which produces original ceramic products for your business and special needs, combines mass production with art through it's flexible business model.

Molds for specially designed kitchenware and models designed by expert designers experienced in vitrified are masterfully produced by keeping their originality.

We are creating masterpieces for your walls.

The BroArt creates one of a kind architectural mosaics, relief and public art works. Also we are experienced with restoration. The BroArt's artworks succeeds if it is meaningful, impactful, and relevant to those who will interact with it most often.


Disover The Enjoy With MotherNature's Element.